Thursday, July 26, 2007

Come On, Get Happy!

Does it feel like that school assignment is going to take FOREVER to complete? Looking for some inspiration? Here's a list of quick tips to give you the extra push you need to finish that pesky paper…and put a smile on your face!
Make a List, Check it Twice
If you have assignments flying at you from all
different subjects, create a priority list that
starts with what's due soonest as number one. Chances are the due dates will be
spread out over time, so what you thought was a gigantic load of work won't
actually be that overwhelming. Rate all the assignments based on how long you
think they'll take, which ones seem like the hardest, or by subject. No matter
how you rank them, you can start methodically working through them, and once you
finish an assignment, go ahead and check it off your list!
Get it Over With
If you only have one project to complete, JUST DO IT. Imagine how it's going to feel when that one essay is complete. You're free! You can play basketball! You can ride your bike! You can hang out with friends (assuming all their homework is done too)!
Work With Study Buddies
Bond over textbooks with your friends. As long as
you guys keep focused on studying, working in a group may indeed increase your
productivity. You're all working towards a common goal of completing your
assignments and when it's time for a break, you're already together!
Take a Break
There's nothing wrong with taking a 15-minute break if you feel like you need to rejuvenate yourself. Get up, stretch, make a snack, IM friends, hop in the shower, call your grandma, write a letter — do something completely unrelated to homework. Once you're refreshed, you'll be ready to concentrate again.
Reward Yourself
Make a deal with yourself before you begin to make a sizable
dent in your workload. It can be anything from "If I finish this paper a day
early, I'll buy that new DVD I've wanted," to "When I finish 20 math problems, I
get to watch the game on TV tonight."
Tap Your Feet
Understandably, some people can't concentrate with music playing. But if putting tunes on helps you plow through assignments, slip your favorite CD in the stereo or turn the radio on, and do your work to the flow of the melody. And consider this: studies have shown that the part of the brain that is used to solve mathematical problems is stimulated by classical music. So crank up the Mozart when you're multiplying fractions!
Show the Teacher What You Can Do
Maybe you're not looking forward to doing a
paper because you got a bad grade on the last one. Well, take this as an
opportunity to show the teacher what you've got! If you feel like the situation
is hopeless, just imagine the look on your teacher's face when you blow him away
with your brilliance.
Pump Yourself Up
Sometimes it's hard to settle down and do homework because you've been sitting in class all day and need to burn off some excess energy. Do some jumping jacks or sit-ups, run a mile, or just dance around like crazy in your room. It'll get the adrenaline going, and you'll feel like homework is just a little hurdle to jump over. So get to it!


R said...

Thank you for your guidance. I'll definately try it.

sweetukavya said...

hey shambhavi,
your posts are all really good and i appreciate this blog a lot! its a very good job your doing as just a child of 13! this article especially helped me a lot cuz before i used to be really lazy to do homewrk nd stuff, bt nw aftr following your steps, im actually completing my projects and assignments on time! :) Have fun and keep this up!